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Remember when you were dating? Was there a playfulness, feeling of excitement and desire that naturally happened?

Are you wondering where the playfulness, desire, excitement went in your marriage? Try recreating the feeling, try flirting.

Flirting is a key element in a healthy marriage. It is a way to keep the spark alive. Flirting suggests interest. Sometimes that interest appears to be lacking in a marriage.

Married life gets busy, work, the house, kids, the other numerous responsibilities and then the relationship gets pushed to the side. When this happens romance and spark have a tendency to slowly fade away until there is little to none.

Don’t let that happen to your marriage.


14 Ways to Flirt in Your Marriage

Is it time to bring back flirting into your marriage, like when you were dating? If you said yes, here are some playful tips.

  • Send a flirty (or a few) text messages throughout the day
  • Leave a love note on the car mirror, with an added touch of a flower
  • Write a love note on a post it or with lipstick on the bathroom mirror
  • Give the unexpected, genuine compliment
  • Have a playful pillow fight
  • Play a love song in the car
  • Read a sexy book together
  • Dance in the kitchen
  • Play a game of Twister
  • Put on some music and cook together
  • Whisper something playful in your spouse’s ear
  • Give your spouse a massage
  • Gaze into your spouse’s eyes
  • Hold hands and kiss


Bonus Couples Activity

This bonus cooking activity will take a few hours to complete. It is a creative way to spend an afternoon or evening, cooking and flirting.

  • Find a new recipe together, one that you each think looks interesting
  • Together, go to the store, purchase the ingredients
  • Lay out the ingredients on the counter
  • Stand next to your spouse and hold hands for one minute
  • Now each put an oven mitt on the hand that you just used to hold your spouse’s hand
  • When the oven mitt is on your hands, you each have one free hand to work together to cook the new recipe
  • Have fun, be playful and enjoy


Keep These Flirting Tips in Your Mind and in Your Marriage

Hopefully, these tips are helpful for you and your spouse.  It might be the start that was needed for both of you to begin thinking of ways to get flirty with each other.

  • Flirting is important
  • Small and simple ideas can make a big difference
  • Maintaining a spark is easier then bringing it back after it is out for a period of time
  • Maintaining a flirtatious relationship will help keep the marriage playful with the element of fun


This is a light hearted blog reminding couples to bring back flirting into the relationship. If you and your spouse can recreate that spark and turn it back into a flame, giving you the marriage both of you desires, wonderful.

For some couples, flirting will not be enough to recreate the spark. If you live in Florida and need more, if you and your spouse lost the emotional intimacy that you once had, then contact me, I can help. I have been helping couples with desire, romance and intimacy for almost two decades. I Transform Relationships, one relationship at a time and yours can be next.

Your Relationship Expert,