In preparation for the upcoming Stress Management Group starting on June 11th, I have prepared 5 easy stress management tips that can help keep daily stress at bay. Everybody experiences stress from time to time; it is a normal reaction to tough situations or anticipation of difficulty. In fact, normal stress can help us stay alert and focused. Unfortunately, today’s modern go-go-go lifestyle puts us at risk of developing harmful stress disorders such as episodic acute stress or chronic stress. Learning to cope with stress through proven strategies and techniques can help you avoid developing damaging stress disorders. Left untreated, stress disorders can increase the likelihood of developing heart disease, stroke, hypertension, depression, anxiety, and anger. If you have been feeling stressed try these 5 easy stress management tips.

  1. Avoid caffeine, alcohol, and nicotine: You should already be limiting your use of alcohol and caffeine and if possible giving up nicotine products all together. Caffeine and nicotine raise our heart rate and in time of stress will most likely add anxiety to the equation. Using alcohol to cope with any emotional or mental health issue is never an effective long-term solution. Keep your drinks to a minimum during stressful times.
  2. Regular exercise: Going to the gym, daily walks or jogs, or taking up Yoga can help relieve stress and is a positive way to release nervous energy.
  3. Stay organized: Make a daily to-do list and cross off tasks as you finish them. Following a to-do list will help keep you organized and subdue feelings of being overwhelmed. In addition, it helps create a positive sense of accomplishment in your day.
  4. Get a good night’s sleep: We all know how many hours of sleep we need to be productive and alert the following day. Ensure you maintain a strict bed time to give your body and mind the time it needs to rest and recharge.
  5. Seek professional help: Your doctor or mental health professional can talk you through what your stressors are and teach you effective coping mechanisms to help you beat stress and enjoy life.

If you regularly struggle with stress, please inquire about the Stress Management Group in Coral Springs starting on June 11th. Tackling stress through a group environment adds an additional element of support and keeps your costs down. Through this type of supportive environment you will learn how to cope with stress and develop long-term solutions to help keep your stress level low and find some inner peace.

Your Relationship Expert,