There are so many reasons why hobbies for married couples would be beneficial to the health of your relationship.

Do you and your spouse share some hobbies that you enjoy doing together? If you answered yes, that is wonderful!

If you answered no, then adding a hobby or two to your relationship could be beneficial.

There is an old saying, “couples that play together, stay together.”

As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Florida, I am not going to say that adding hobbies to your relationship will “fix or save” the relationship if the key elements to a healthy marriage are missing. Some of the key elements are communication, respect, trust, commitment, understanding, friendship, affection, compassion, and love.

What I am saying is that hobbies have benefits that could help rekindle some positive feelings. Having some common interests in the form of hobbies is sometimes overlooked as a valuable connector. Married couples who have shared hobbies will notice that it can contribute to the longevity of a marriage.

Couple exercising together in the living room

Five Benefits of Hobbies for Married Couples

1. Quality Time

When couples engage in shared activities that they both enjoy; spending time together will provide opportunities to foster an emotional connection which could lead to fostering affection and intimacy. Participating in hobbies together can build on shared experiences thus creating memories that will help strengthen the marital bond.

2. Enhancing Communication and Problem-Solving Skills

Shared hobbies offer a unique opportunity for couples to practice communication and problem-solving skills in a fun way. Engaging in activities together requires coordination, cooperation, and negotiation. It also is a time to use the skills of listening and compromise as you respect the opinion of your spouse. This will help promote healthier communication and conflict resolution skills in other areas your relationship.

3. Stress Reducing

Taking a break from life’s stresses and engaging in enjoyable activities with your spouse can help with stress. Life can be demanding and we need enjoyable breaks. Hobbies are a time to unwind, release tension and rejuvenate your mind and body. If stress levels can be maintained that could help reduce strains on the marriage.

4. Collaborating as a Team

An example of a hobby that is coming to mind, is an escape room. Some couples love the challenge and it takes team work to solve the clues and reach the common goal. This can help build a supportive and collaborative partnership in the marriage which will lead to a greater sense of marital satisfaction.

5. Rekindling Passion and Romance

Over time, relationships can lose some of their spark. The daily demands and responsibilities can put a “pause” on passion and romance. Exploring new interests such as hobbies can help passion and romance start to flourish again. It can reignite the flame by rediscovering interests, adding adventure or novelty into your lives. Hobbies can bring a couple closer together and revitalize their spark.

Couple cooking together

Twelve Ideas of Hobbies for Married Couples

Here is a list of twelve Ideas that you and your spouse might enjoy. This list might give you some suggestions or it might help spark your creativity.

1. Exercising together

Take some time to walk or go to the gym together. My husband and I like to take long walks around our neighborhood in the morning. It gives us time to talk, exercise and get some fresh air.

2. Reading a book

Find a spot and get cozy as you and your spouse read a book or listen to an audiobook.

3. Cooking

You can each make a dish or you make a dish together. A cooking activity that I share with couples is to stand side by side. The hands that are touching each gets an oven mitt, then you each have a free hand to use to cook. Since you each only hand one hand free, you need to communicate a lot during this activity.

4. Jigsaw Puzzle

During the pandemic jigsaw puzzles had a surge in popularity. In my house, we bought several. Two of our favorites were one with the cast of “Friends” and the other was our family photo from one of our family vacations enjoying the snow in Georgia.

5. Biking

Going on a long bike ride is great exercise and a wonderful way to spend some active time with your spouse.

6. Kayaking or Canoeing

If you like to be outdoors and, on a lake, kayaking and canoeing is a fun activity.

7. Learn a Foreign Language

Learning something new together is a bonding activity with a common interest. Maybe after you both learn the language you can plan a vacation to a different country so you can practice the language.

8. Card and Board Games

My husband and I really enjoy playing some board games. Our favorites are a card game called Golf and a board game called Rummy Q. We get competitive and have an evening of lots of laughs.

9. Watching Sports or Playing Sports

Marriage is two people on the same team, needing to work together. Team sports is another example of teamwork. Our favorite sport to watch together is basketball and surprisingly basketball has a lot in common with marriage.

10. Dancing

Before we got married, we took ballroom dance lessons to be able to dance at our wedding. Now 20 plus years later, maybe it is time to take lessons again.

11. Video Games

This is a very popular activity with a lot of variety in game choices.

12. Wine Tasting

If you and your spouse enjoy a glass of wine then maybe wine tasting is for you. An activity that you could do is keep a wine journal together to track both of your likes, dislikes, and opinions about the wines you taste.

Individual Hobbies for Married Couples

This blog is focused on the hobbies that married couples would do together. However, I do want to mention that there is a very healthy place in marriage for each spouse to have their own hobbies, whether it is a hobby they enjoy alone or with friends.

Each person needs to feel complete in their marriage. A married person can still have hobbies that they enjoy that might not be something that their spouse enjoys.

Having activities that are enjoyed alone or with friends provides value. Pursuing separate hobbies will allow each spouse to explore their passions, develop their personal interests and retain a sense of identity and individuality. It is important to have a healthy balance of activities while placing your marriage as high priority.

Couple dancing and laughing in the kitchen

The Next Step

Marriage is a journey that requires continuous effort, growth, and nurturing. Shared hobbies have proven to be an essential ingredient in creating a thriving relationship. Invest time in your marriage. Create opportunities for hobbies. Let hobbies connect and enrich your relationship.

If you and your spouse are so disconnected that the thought of finding a hobby is not something that either one of you want to do, then contact me. Let’s work on some marriage skills that will help the two of you to get into a place that you will both want to participate in some hobbies for married couples.

Hobbies can serve as a creative way to bring the fun, excitement, and some connection back into the marriage. This weekend, take some time to have a conversation with your spouse about hobbies for married couples. See what interests both of you and find your marital hobbies. Happy Connecting!


Your Relationship Expert,