When couples decide to get married, they hope for a strong, healthy relationship filled with love, friendship and happiness. Making a lifelong commitment to love, respect and share in each other lives is an important step. Couples taking this step can benefit from having a conversation with a therapist. Premarital counseling is a type of therapy that helps couples prepare for a satisfying and successful marriage. Premarital counseling is beneficial as it can improve your relationship before marriage with a result of a higher level of marital satisfaction.

Premarital counseling opens up the lines of communication so you can discuss important topics before walking down the aisle. It is a time to gain insight into your relationship strengths and examine the possible conflicts. As a trained couple’s therapist, I encourage both partners to talk about topics related to marriage. Some of these topics are: communication, conflict resolution, roles in marriage, beliefs and values, affection and sex, finances, children and extended family. As you and your fiancé gain insight into your relationship strengths and talk about how to deal with possible conflicts you will grow closer. Premarital counseling will help you and your fiancé set realistic expectations, establish a positive attitude and will improve your ability to communicate.

Jennifer Gomez, a trusts and estates attorney in Plantation, Florida, believes that there are many benefits to premarital counseling. She said,” I know that anytime you can plan in advance, you are more likely to have better future outcomes. This applies to finances, business ventures and especially marriage. I would recommend pre-engagement or pre-marital counseling to my clients contemplating marriage. Marriage will impact all aspects of your life, including your legal rights and responsibilities. Couples that think through these changes beforehand are more likely to have a successful and happy marriage.”

Some engaged couples struggle with different topics relating to their relationship, have some topics that they would like to discuss before the wedding but have not found the time and/or need guidance in talking about their future expectations in their relationship. In either of these situations and some additional ones, counseling would be beneficial. As a couple’s therapist with over a decade of experience, many married couples tell me they wish they would have had a particular conversation before the marriage as it would of made a difference in their expectations. As you are planning the wedding of your dreams, spend some time on building the foundation for a marriage of your dreams by talking to someone who specializes in communication with couples.

I am a Relationship Expert specializing in providing couples with counseling for all different life situations including premarital counseling. I am also an approved Premarital Course Provider for Broward County and a Verified Expert formarriage.com, a website dedicated to topics relating to marriage.

My goal with couples who are about to be married is to honor their unique situation and collaboratively work together so the couple can enjoy a successful, happy marriage. If you would like to contact me to set up a premarital appointment, contact me. Starting your marital journey with a therapist you can trust and collaborating on building a solid foundation for your marriage is a great way to ensure that you and your fiancé are on the same page.

Your Relationship Expert,