The last couple of months of every year are a busy time that focuses on gratitude and reflection. November is known as a month of gratitude. It is a time to focus on what you are grateful for, a time to really appreciate the people around you and a time to count your blessings. December is a magical month filled with joy, excitement and holiday lights as we celebrate holidays like Chanukah and Christmas. This is also a time to focus on family and friends, a time to appreciate the people in your life. December comes to an end with New Year’s Eve. This is a time to celebrate as you reflect on the past year. When reflecting, think about the people in your life. Are your relationships as strong as you would like them to be? How do you find the “magic” and put it back into your relationships?

Your Relationship with Yourself

Having a good relationship with yourself gives you insight into your life as well as it improves your relationships with others. Make sure you are caring for your basic needs by getting enough sleep, eating properly and exercising. Take time to focus on your thoughts, feelings, needs and wants. Notice your internal critic and let go of your negative thoughts. Be mindful of how you talk to yourself. Redirect your energy and rewrite your internal script with positive thoughts and affirmations. Find activities that make you happy and participate in them so you can explore your amazing qualities and let them shine.

Your Relationship with Your Spouse

If you feel disconnected in your marriage or romantic relationship, don’t ignore the feeling, do something about it. Marriage is not easy and it takes nurturing, time and commitment. As you both grow as individuals, notice the times that your marriage needs to grow. At these times, go back to the basics; remember why you got together in the first place. Focus on your spouse’s positive qualities. Are your goals and dreams in sync with your spouse’s goals and dreams? Have some meaningful conversations and share your needs and wants. Recognize that disconnection in a marriage can be used as a time to rediscover, reconnect and recommit to the love that you have been sharing.

Your Relationship with Your Parent

Some adult children experience conflicts with one or both of their parents. Transitioning from “dependent child” to “independent child” is not always as smooth as we would like it to be. Your parent is always your parent but sometimes it can be challenging to maintain a relationship that you both enjoy. When you hit bumps in the road and find you are at odds with a parent or both of your parents, communication can be a good place to start. Try calmly talking about your feelings and thoughts, keeping in mind that you are having a conversation with someone who loves you very much.

Your Relationship with Your Sibling

Sibling rivalry has been around forever. Children tend to compete for their parents love and attention at an early age. Sometimes that competition continues and even grows as they become adults. This along with other factors such as different values and opinions can make getting along for adult siblings difficult. Try looking at the situation from the other person’s perspective. Be willing to listen without judgment. Focus on noticing your sibling’s positive qualities and try halting some of the negative thoughts. If you can, try to find solutions and be willing to compromise.

If you feel disconnected from yourself, your spouse, your parent and/or your sibling and you don’t know what to do? Then my suggestion would be to contact me.

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