Signs of hearts and love are everywhere at the beginning of February. Have you walked into your local grocery store, pharmacy or gift shop in the past couple of weeks? What did you see? You probably saw boxes of heart shaped candy, roses and decorated hearts with cute sayings on it. For candy stores, florists and jewelry stores this is the time of the year they look forward to as Valentine’s Day and romantic presents go hand in hand. February is the month to exchange kisses, chocolate, flowers, jewelry and to have the feeling that love is in the air!

What is romantic love? How do you show love? Do you express your feelings and back up the sentiments with actions? Having a strong emotional connection is the best way for a couple to feel love. Love is built on the knowledge that your relationship is unconditional, non judgmental, one of mutual respect, continuing friendship and strong sense of trust. Being able to be truly vulnerable with your spouse and knowing that you are both committed to each other and the relationship is a way to show love on a daily basis.

It is important to your relationship that signs of your love are visible every day. But we all know that February is the month that love takes center stage as Valentine’s Day is a holiday dedicated to love. It is a day to say, “I love you and I celebrate you and our love” and that makes it special.

Are you looking for some creative ideas to show your spouse love and make Valentine’s Day exceptional? Try one, a few or all of these gestures of love and kindness.

  • Do all of your spouse’s errands for the week
  • Schedule a day at the spa for your spouse
  • Plan a romantic dinner at a restaurant that specializes in your spouse’s favorite cuisine
  • Think about where your spouse wants to visit and plan a romantic trip
  • Serve your spouse a delicious breakfast in bed
  • Take the early rising kids out and letting your spouse sleep in
  • Put a romantic song on and dance in the living room
  • Buy tickets for a show or concert that interests your spouse
  • Buy a telescope, go outside holding hands and gaze at the stars
  • Work on your connection by asking your spouse to talk about their hopes and dreams for the future
  • Get up early and watch the sunrise (if you live in Plantation Florida or near the coast, drive to the beach to watch the sunrise)

The most important thing about this list is that you think about the other person and find something that would make them happy. Whatever you decide to do, make it special and focus on your loved one. Love is something to cherish and so is the person you love. Treasure the time you spend together and make this Valentine’s Day the best one ever. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Your Relationship Expert,