I have been married for over 17 years and when we planned our honeymoon, we went to a travel agency in a shopping plaza in Plantation, Florida.  We sat with an agent, looked at brochures and planned a trip.

Fast forward to now, most travel agents can do their job from home. Why? Because technology is so advanced that it is just as effective to plan a trip from any location.

Planning a trip is not as personal as sharing your marriage struggles, your communication disconnect, your broken trust, your lack of intimacy, your mundane roles as roommates and your general unhappiness in your relationship.

You might be saying, “Yes, it is nice to have a connection with your travel agent but it is not as vital as the connection you feel with your marriage therapist”. I get that. The comparison does give an example of how changing with the times can happen and still be effective.

Think about all the examples of technology being an effective way to connect people. Think about all the recent zoom business meetings, how the legal system had zoom meetings, how the news, talk shows all adjusted, how you had some doctor appointments online and how we all started having zoom/facetime talks, dinners and game time with our family and friends.

We have adjusted in many ways. Right now, if you are reading this you might be wondering…

“Can I adjust to telehealth?” “Will online couples counseling be as effective as sitting in a therapy office for marriage counseling?” “Will I feel that connection with my therapist?”

Great questions, valid questions.

I know you need to find the therapist who is right for you, have your sessions in a place that you feel comfortable and feel that it is effective.  You need to know that your time, money and energy will be well spent. This blog will walk you through the reasons on why online counseling with me is effective and you will see results.

What is Telehealth?

You might have heard several terms being used: telehealth, online counseling, online therapy. These words are interchangeable. It is the same meaning regardless of which term is used.

Is it new? No, therapists have been using video platforms for years. It just has not been as wide spread. The pandemic made it a necessity and most therapists started using it.

Telehealth is using a video platform so you can have the opportunity to experience marriage counseling, couples counseling, relationship counseling from the comfort of your own home or wherever is a convenient location for you. It is similar to facetime, zoom or any other online platform you know about and possibly use. The most important difference is that therapists use a platform that is HIPAA compliant and secure.

Will you feel the connection with your therapist through telehealth?

I have a knack for connecting with my clients. It is a skill that I am extremely proud of. When I was going to Nova Southeastern University for my masters in Marriage and Family Therapy in the early 2000’s, I remember in my first class the professor talking about the success of therapy. He shared that a strong therapeutic relationship between the client and the therapist is essential for change.

Why you might ask? Because the therapist’s role is to take you through a collaborative journey of healing, clarity and understanding.

As a Relationship Expert who works with couples and individuals with all of their relationship issues, concerns and struggles, I know the importance of the therapeutic relationship and feeling the connection. I know that you are sharing with a stranger the most sacred, important pieces of your life. That is why I am compassionate, non-judgmental, empathetic and when the moment calls for it, funny. Why funny? Well it is part of my personality and style. I also believe humor is a wonderful tool and laughter in a any relationship is a positive.

Because of my years of experience, I can assure you that my clients feel connected with me whether they are sitting in the same room or if they are experiencing therapy on an online platform.



How do I know telehealth is effective?

There are studies and evidence showing the effectiveness.  I also hear my colleagues expressing their thoughts on the effectiveness and the positive strides that are happening with all types of life stressors.

But in addition to reading research and hearing my colleagues, since the beginning of the pandemic, I have been watching my clients communicate, heal and grow. I see it working.

Is telehealth private and confidential?

Just like in person sessions, confidentiality is strictly adhered. I’m the only one in the room with no distractions and sound machines outside my closed door.

The added privacy benefit of online therapy is that you don’t need to go into a building or sit in a waiting room with other people. So that’s a nice bonus.

What do you need for your telehealth sessions?

Find a comfortable, private spot in your house, office, car or another location. It is best to find a spot that has a strong Wi-Fi connection.

You need a computer, laptop, tablet or your phone. Use a device that has a good microphone and put the sound up so I can hear you and you can hear me. Some clients like to use headphones as it enhances the sound for them, reduces background noise in their house and if others are near, it provides an added benefit of privacy. But many clients choose not to use headphones and that is also fine. The choice is yours.

Another thing that I want to mention, for the non-techy people like me, it is very simple to use.

How can you get started?

If you are a Florida resident experiencing relationship struggles as a couple or an individual, contact me. We will have a phone conversation about your relationship counseling needs. We will make an appointment and prior to the appointment you will fill out some forms through a secure email. At the time of your appointment, you will enter the online platform, go into a virtual waiting room and then I will let you into my virtual therapy room. During your session, you will have my 100% attention and focus on you and your spouse/partner/loved one.

Your relationship can benefit from an online therapy experience. I am here to help and I would be honored to travel your therapy journey with you. I look forward to hearing from you.

Your Relationship Expert,