Remember when you were first dating your spouse? Was there lots of kissing, flowers, candles, opening the car door, or “just because” gifts? Is your relationship more of a routine then spontaneous? Is the love and friendship still alive but the romance is fizzling? If you answered yes, then it is time to rekindle that romantic spark!

Here are 12 tips to start rebuilding that fire.

  1. Kiss passionately every day for at least 15 seconds.
  2. Hold hands when doing errands, sitting on the couch or at the movies.
  3. Cuddle every night for a few minutes before going to sleep.
  4. Give each other massages as a relaxing way to show you care.
  5. Make time for sexual intimacy, even if it needs to be scheduled in.
  6. Have a weekly date night with the conversation solely focused on each other.
  7. Spend some quality time together, whether it be cooking dinner, a sports activity or playing a card game.
  8. Do one of your spouse’s chores as this shows them that you are a team.
  9. Give a sincere compliment to your spouse to show that you take time to notice them.
  10. Focus on the wonderful things your spouse does and this will help get both of you in a positive mindset.
  11. Verbalize your appreciation for the things they do for you, the kids, the house, etc… Take the time to say the words, don’t assume it is implied.
  12. Reminisce about your history together. Talk about your first date, first kiss, and other important moments in your relationship.

Shift your focus and nurture your relationship with your spouse. Make an effort to connect physically and emotionally. Give your relationship the time and attention it deserves. Try some of these tips and reignite the spark! It is time to reclaim the intimate and romantic moments your relationship once had and could have again!

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Your Relationship Expert,