Couples and Marriage Counseling

Couple walking on the beach with arms around each other
Are you finding that your marriage/relationship brings both remarkable rewards and challenging obstacles? When you first become a couple, a transformation takes place as you are joining two individual people. Your union is an emotional investment where love, intimacy, trust, and friendship are shared. You will look to your partner for the support you need and want emotionally, mentally and physically. When a marriage/relationship hits a rocky ground, it creates a vacuum in place of being a source of support. Safety, support and hope can quickly turn to fear, loneliness and insecurities.

Couples and Marriage Counseling is for you if…

  • You talk but you don’t feel like you hear each other. Your friendship is lacking. You feel like roommates. Your house runs like a well-oiled machine but the connection you once felt is missing. You are lonely in your marriage. You need to rekindle the spark. You are always walking on eggshells as fights erupt quickly. Marriage/Relationship Counseling is for you.
  • Your marriage/relationship needs a boost. The romance is fizzling and you need to reconnect. You are yearning for a deeper connection with your partner. Relationship Enhancement Counseling is for you.
  • You are getting married but there are a few topics that you want to talk about first. Premarital Counseling is for you.
  • Trust has been broken with an affair. One of you cheated and now what do you do? Do you stay together and if you do, how? Or do you break up and if you do, what does that look like? Infidelity Counseling is for you.
  • Your dreams of becoming a parent are not being fulfilled. Whether it is becoming a first time parent, primary infertility or you want another child, secondary infertility. Infertility Counseling is for you.