Blended Family Counseling

You were looking for love and then something wonderful happened, you found it!! As your love grew, your commitment to the relationship became stronger. Couples in a relationship where children are not involved can solely focus on each other and the relationship. When children are involved and there is a blending of families, there are other people and feelings to consider.

Sometimes this transition from living with one parent, to living with your parent and their new love/spouse is a smooth transition. Sometimes it comes with obstacles.

Are you experiencing some of those obstacles?

Is there someone in the family resisting the changes? Are you bonding with your spouse’s children? Is your spouse bonding with your children? Are the children bonding with each other? Are some of the complications and problems due to an ex-spouse? Is your blended family just NOT blending?

Do you have some of these thoughts…

How do I fit in as a new step-parent? What is my role in the family? How do we give our new family the best chance at succeeding?

Your new marriage is the foundation of your new family unit. When there are children from previous relationships, you have an instant family. An instant family comes with opportunities and struggles. Blended families will benefit from support to navigate the challenges that come with becoming an instant family.

Would it be helpful if you and your spouse learned specific skills to help with the blending process and how to heal emotional rifts in your new family?

Our conversations will deepen your emotional awareness and understanding of your new family dynamics as we find practical solutions to your family problems. With counseling, you and your spouse can be strengthening your bond with each other and the children, learn how to parent and step-parent effectively, set and maintain boundaries with exes, help step-siblings get along and avoid feeling overwhelmed by the forces that are pulling you apart. Whether you just became a blended family or if you have been a step family for years, as Your Relationship Expert, I can help. Contact me today so you can get the support you need to grow together as a couple and as a step family. Along with my assistance and your commitment to your spouse and new family, your blended family will have a chance to become a strong team.