Divorce/Relationship Recovery Counseling

Have you recently gotten a divorce or ended a relationship that was important to you? A break up can leave you feeling a strong sense of heartbreak.

It could also leave you wondering…

Is this really happening? How do I pick up the pieces and get through this? How do I heal? Will I ever be in a satisfying relationship?

Marriages and relationships end for a variety of reasons. The end of a marriage or a relationship can come as a relief or with a range of emotions including pain, hurt, anger, fear and sadness. You might experience self-doubt and loneliness. It can be a time when you could feel like life is upside down and not making any sense. If you and your spouse have children, then there are thoughts of how are we going to raise the kids while living separate lives? All of these questions and thoughts could lead to feeling unsure of your future and of what you really want and need.

Would it be helpful if you had someone to talk to that could help you process and cope with your emotions? Would it be helpful to rediscover yourself in an empowering way that gives you hope?

Divorce/Relationship Recovery Counseling can help with the transition of being in a couple to being single. Talking to someone who specializes in relationships is an effective tool that helps you to sort out your feelings, learn to cope and break free from your broken heart. With my support, you will begin to visualize and move forward in the next chapter of your life.

Divorce or a breakup is not easy but it does not need to destroy your life. Wherever you are in the process, I can help. Our conversations will give you clarity, courage and hope for the future. As Your Relationship Expert, I will share my skills and give you a different perspective to explore. If you are ready, I can help you heal and begin to thrive during this difficult time. Contact me today so we can get started on getting you past the pain and writing that new chapter in your life.