Family Conflict Resolution Counseling

Do you feel tense, anxious and dread when you know you are going to have a conversation with your parent, adult child or sibling? Are past resentments preventing you from having a positive relationship? Do most of your conversations leave you feeling conflicted and wondering if you can ever have a conversation that does not erupt into an argument? Or has the disconnect moved to the next step and you no longer communicate at all?

The relationship between a child and parent or sibling can be a fragile relationship. Sometimes with many obstacles. If there is a disconnect, it can cause heartache, stress, sadness and it can affect the whole extended family.

The parent and child relationship as well as the relationship with your siblings are one of the longest lasting relationships you will experience. This can be a supportive and strong relationship or it can be one of tension, irritation and sometimes ambivalence.

Being at odds with your family member can happen for many reasons. Sometimes it is because the family is entering a new phase in their lives; the children are becoming young adults, getting married, having children of their own and becoming parents or elderly parents needing care and conflicts around the conversation of estate planning. Other reasons might include unresolved issues of the past and resentments that one or both family members cannot get past. Family members that are not getting along can create a source of conflict at family events and sometimes the conflicts are so big that the family cannot have family events.

Family Conflict Resolution Counseling will help your family create healthy boundaries and open the lines of communication so your relationship can grow and thrive. Is it time to start a new chapter for your relationship with your family? So, contact me today.

Having a safe space to lay all of your cards on the table and learning how to effectively communicate can transform your relationship. With my guidance, you and your parent, adult child or sibling can reconnect and learn the skills to keep that connection growing. Awareness and understanding are vital to making your relationship work.

As Your Relationship Expert, we will collaborate and work on reconnecting you and your family member. Avoiding the problem will not improve the relationship. Many times, it is a deep-rooted problem that needs to be talked about in a safe environment. Our conversations will give you the opportunity to put the relationship in a better place. This is the time to form the healthy relationship with your family member that you desire.