Infertility Counseling

Have your dreams of becoming a parent been met with some roadblocks? How do you deal with your emotions during this journey? A diagnosis of infertility is heartbreaking, lonely, and confusing.

You begin to wonder…

Why is this happening to me? Will I ever be happy again? Will my relationship ever be the same? What if I never get pregnant? How do I talk to my family and friends about something they do not understand? How will I know when it’s time to consider other paths to parenthood?

Are you experiencing intense feelings of sadness, loneliness, emptiness, helplessness, loss, blame, guilt, anger, anxiety, tension and conflict in your primary relationship, withdrawing from intimacy, overwhelmed with all the new medical terms and decisions about treatment?

Infertility is full of unknowns. No one plans for fertility challenges. It is a time that your emotions change daily, sometimes even hourly. As one might expect, infertility places a great deal of emotional strain on individuals and couples. High levels of stress can adversely affect your physical and emotional health. Due to the complexity created by infertility, it is a time to seek a mental health professional specially trained in dealing with fertility struggles.

As a person who has experienced years of infertility and has had a successful outcome, I have firsthand knowledge that this is a time for emotional support. I know how consuming fertility struggles becomes, how you feel powerless over your own life, the depressing feelings and disappointment at each failed attempt and the feeling of riding an emotional roller coaster. I can help make this time feel less lonely. I can help you with the feeling that your life is on hold and guide you through the many decisions and emotions on the journey to parenthood. With my help, as Your Relationship Expert, you and your partner can keep the lines of communication open, start to feel more positive about your decisions and help strengthen your relationship with each other. Contacting me today is the first step towards getting the support you need.