Life Transition Counseling

Going through life transitions is a natural part of life. It happens for everyone. Usually major life transitions will bring up all types of emotions. Sometimes, an overwhelming amount of stress can accompany life transitions, even when they are happy ones.

Do any of these life transitions sound familiar?

Relationship… Should you stay in your current relationship? There are some good times but there are also times that you question whether this is the relationship for you? How do you figure out your heart’s desire?

Moving… Did you recently move to this area and you are finding it difficult being in a new town? Or are you thinking about moving to a new location and you are struggling with the decision?

Career/College/Empty Nest… Are you thinking about a career change? Are you entering college and finding it to be a big adjustment living on your own? Has your child left for college and you are experiencing the effects of empty nest?

Menopause… Are you going through menopause and finding that your emotions are on a daily rollercoaster? You know you are having the physical symptoms of hot flashes and the emotional symptoms of being extra sensitive and irritable, but you are unsure of how to cope during this time of menopause?

Caretaker… Are you finding yourself in the role of caretaker and it is taking a toll on you? Maybe you were the one that was always taken care of in your marriage and now your spouse is unable to take care of things? Or maybe it is an elderly parent who is in need of your help?

Retired… Are you recently retired and struggling with having a lot of free time? You waited all your adult like to get to the “retirement” stage and now you don’t know how to enjoy it? You miss the structure of working and being around different people as you handled different work related situations?

Personal Growth… Are you finding daily stress to be overwhelming? Could you benefit from some stress management techniques? Is your self-esteem and self-worth where you would like it to be? Or could you benefit from counseling that will build your confidence in yourself and your abilities?

Or is there something else that you feel is a life transition that you want to talk about with a Relationship Expert?

Life can sometimes take an unexpected turn or an expected turn that leaves us unprepared. Everyone goes through major transitions in life. Sometime we are lucky enough to prepare for change but other times change can be unexpected and cause emotional and mental distress. Through counseling, you can learn techniques to prepare, cope, accept and thrive major life transitions.

Working with me as Your Relationship Expert, we will have conversations that will uncover what is stressing you, how to cope and give you the clarity and understanding you need to get through the overwhelming situation. You do not need to feel hopeless and alone. Contact me and let’s get started on helping you find your way through your life transition.