Premarital Counseling

Taking the next step from being an engaged couple to a married couple is a major life transition that brings great happiness and plenty of questions. Premarital counseling focuses on getting your marriage off on a healthy start. Planning a wedding can be a hectic process and many times the relationship can take a back seat as invitations, event planning, and catering can quickly dominate the topic of conversation. Premarital counseling provides a forum for taking a step back from all the planning and rekindling the spark that set you off on this journey. Communication, conflict resolution, roles in marriage, beliefs and values, affection and sex, finances, children, extended family and expectations are some of the topics that we will talk about in our premarital counseling sessions. As you and your fiancé gain insight into your relationship strengths and talk about how to deal with possible conflicts you will grow closer. Premarital counseling will help you and your fiancé set realistic expectations, establish a positive attitude and will improve your ability to communicate. As Your Relationship Expert and an approved Premarital Course Provider for Broward County, I will guide you through these topics to ensure that your marriage is starting out with a solid foundation, so contact me today.

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