Relationship Enhancement Counseling

Are you and your spouse fantastic friends and great roommates but you are struggling with passion? Does your relationship lack the same fire and romance that it had when you first met? Do you wonder what happened to the butterflies in your stomach? Was it replaced with feelings of contentment but that is not enough?

Recognizing that this is a great time to prioritize your marriage is an important step. Don’t let years go by and realize that you should have put the effort and time in your marriage. Now is the perfect time to give your marriage/relationship an extra boost.

When you first meet, you entered the honeymoon phase and your relationship was the primary focus, then life starts happening. Your priorities shift and your relationship takes a back seat. Let’s work together to make your relationship front and center once again. Invest the time and energy into true happiness with the one you love. Relationship Enhancement Counseling is a time for you to rediscover your spouse’s positive qualities as you rediscover that spark while regaining a deeper connection. Your marriage/relationship is worth the effort and attention. As we transform your relationship, you and your partner will recreate the feelings that were clear at the beginning of your relationship.

Can you imagine feeling differently about your spouse? Can you imagine finding that sizzle? Relationship Enhancement Counseling is perfect for the couple that needs that extra boost. Think of this like preventive counseling the way a tune up is for your car. You don’t wait for the car to break down before you check the spark plugs, the engine and the oil. Don’t wait for your marriage to fall apart because the romance and spark faded.

As Your Relationship Expert, I will customize the sessions to meet your needs utilizing different models of therapy including the Gottman Method of Couples Therapy, which is an evidence based model that has been proven by research to keep your connection strong and getting stronger.

Fall in love all over, so you can love your relationship again. Contact me today and let’s get started on your happiness.

If your relationship needs more than “a tune up”, visit my Marriage/Relationship Counseling page.