Where can children hear the applause, the cheers of encouragement, and the crowd going wild with excitement while experiencing the thrill of the game? They can hear it on the field and on the court. Team sports give children many opportunities as the benefits are numerous. Yes, it can be a competitive way for kids to strengthen their skills and enjoy the sports they love.  But team sports are more than just being competitive, it’s more than just winning and losing, it is about building the foundation for a healthy lifestyle.

What can your child gain from participating in team sports?

  • Your child will get some exercise. Regular exercise is necessary for physical fitness and good health. The global obesity epidemic is a problem even for children. Team sports will give children an opportunity to exercise and this can help in maintaining a healthy weight. Your child will improve their muscle strength and endurance. Exercise also has many stress reducing benefits that can improve your child’s mental health.
  • Your child will learn the importance of teamwork, playing fair and conflict resolution. These are all essential social skills and team sports are an organized activity that will enable your child to develop these skills. It is a time to motivate others and even support them when there’s a failure.
  • Your child will learn the importance of good sportsmanship. In team sports there is a winning team and a losing team, so this will also be a time that your child can learn how to be a humble winner as well as a gracious loser. Youth team sports generally do a good job of emphasizing good sportsmanship. Remind your child that it is more important to be an active participant in the game then worrying about the score.
  • Your child’s self-esteem will improve and their confidence will get a boost. Active children tend to have more confidence in their abilities. This will help develop a positive self image as well as physical competence.
  • A chance for your child to form friendships. Organized athletics provides children with the opportunity to be social in a setting other then the classroom. Joining a sports team gives your child a chance to connect with kids their age working towards a common goal.
  • Physical activity has been linked to children performing better academically. In sports, children learn the rules and how to act appropriately in a social environment. This could translate into the classroom, as active children tend to have a better chance at academic achievement.
  • A way for your child to develop healthy habits that could last a lifetime. If your child starts out being active at an early age, then they can be on a path to physical fitness for the rest of their life.

So many benefits and lots of fun! Not every kid is expected to be the next NFL quarterback or an NBA point guard, just go out there, do your best and have a great time!

Your Relationship Expert,