What clients are saying…

My mother and I spent many years of our lives not speaking to each other for one reason or another. There was never a really good reason. We just couldn’t communicate. All we seemed to do was push each other buttons.

After many years of being apart, my sister suggested that we seek some counseling. I found Michelle online and called her. I made an appointment to see her on my own and my sister had my mother do the same. After we each had our sessions with her we decided to go see her together. It was awkward at first as we hadn’t seen each other for almost three years.

With Michelle’s patience and guidance on our journey, we were able to find things out about each other that we had never known before and that made us more understanding of why we behaved the way we had in the past. I know that we could have never done it without Michelle and that communication is the most important aspect of any relationship. Sometimes you need someone neutral to help you get to that most inner part of your soul. That person for us was Michelle.

Its has been a year now since our first session and we have had some ups and downs but mostly great things have happened since then. We see each other in a whole new light and we try really hard to be understanding of each other. We talk and listen to one another like we never have before.

My sister was also instrumental in getting us to Michelle and we will be together for the first time in almost a year and I am looking forward to our happy Christmas together as a family that loves and understands one another. I’ve never been happier.

Thank you so very much Michelle for getting us to this place.


I found Michelle to be an absolutely priceless part of my weekly life when going through one of the toughest times of my life. When you feel like you never have anybody to talk to and that finding somebody to listen and understand you is impossible. I urge you to go see Michelle. You will find out that she will become your greatest source of support and help you to keep what’s most important to you clear and eliminate the clutter that can become confusing.


What professionals are saying…

Michelle and her work can be described in three words… caring, knowledgeable, and dedicated. She gives her clients the best the world of therapy has to offer.

Linda Meyerholz


Michelle is innovative and creative. She remains abreast of new developments in theory and technique and incorporates them in her clinical work. She maintains the highest standards of professional and ethical conduct. She is committed to the profession of Marriage and Family Therapy.

Dr. Lee Shilts

LMFT, Professor of Family Therapy

If you are struggling in your relationship or within yourself, been through a loss or just trying to bring your family together, Michelle has a way about her that will make you feel at ease, she is comforting to talk to and has a passion for her work! I highly recommend her.

Dr. Stacy Friedman

Michelle is an outstanding therapist with great sensitivity to the problems of individuals, couples, families. I can recommend her without reservation.

Dr. Anne Rambo

LMFT, Professor of Family Therapy

Michelle is a genuine, caring, empathetic therapist who is truly devoted to helping families and couples. She is very enthusiastic and passionate about her work.

Dr. Marylyn Sines

Licensed Psychologist

Michelle Scharlop is a relationship expert with years of experience in the field. She is easy to talk to, professional, insightful, and compassionate. She helps couples and families improve their relationships by enhancing communication. If you are looking for someone to honor your thoughts and feelings and those of your partner or loved one, you have come to the right person! She helps relationships transform, grow, and thrive.

Isabel A. Thompson