Would your marriage benefit from uninterrupted time where you and your spouse just focus on each other and the things that are important to the relationship? A time where the kids’ needs would not take center stage, a time where the bills and household chores won’t be calling your name, a time where you both put down the phones and a time where you are in a comfortable peaceful setting focusing on your marriage and each other. Have you been thinking about therapy? Have you been researching and searching out answers to situations in your relationship that is frustrating and seems unsolvable? Have you been exploring different ways to create change in your relationship? Have you been reading my blogs and connecting with my words? Are you wondering if therapy is right for you and your marriage?

Couples counseling has many benefits for couples in crisis but it also has benefits for couples in a healthy relationship. Counseling sessions can be viewed as uninterrupted time to nurture your marriage. Don’t wait until you run out of options and you feel like you are past the point of reconciliation. Therapy is not just the last step couples take before they divorce. Therapy is helpful to couples experiencing a breakdown in communication and friendship but therapy can also be useful as a proactive tool in your marriage. Don’t buy into the stigma that therapy is only for couples that are going to break up. Therapy can be maintenance to your relationship the way tune ups are to your cars. As part of keeping your car running well, you get a tune up. Relationships can benefit from tune ups as well. A routine check in with your spouse is important. Therapy can give couples the opportunity to have meaningful conversations that they might not have had otherwise. Even the best marriages hit bumps in the road. Some are small bumps and it is easy to get back on track and some are bigger bumps, running you off the road. Small bumps or big bumps, it is important to remember ALL marriages need to be nurtured.

Benefits of Couples Counseling

  • Increase friendship, affection and closeness
  • Greater understanding for your spouse
  • Resolve conflict in a productive manner
  • Create new patterns of interaction
  • Help find ways to reignite the passion
  • Improve or rebuild your relationship
  • Support and validation for both spouses
  • Recognize that other couples experience similar situations
  • Spend uninterrupted time with your spouse to talk and share

Could you visualize the benefits that couples counseling would have for your marriage? If you could, then it is time to call a Relationship Expert. As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, specializing in relationships, I have a wealth of experience and expertise in working with couples. Let me guide you and your spouse on a journey that will result in better communication, more intimacy, deeper friendship and an overall sense of happiness. Take your marriage to the next level, one where you both know how to communicate your needs and wants making your relationship one where you can express your feelings and feel heard. Since your spouse has the same need to be heard, you will listen and have time to process what your spouse is saying. During sessions, I will share some innovative tips and techniques so you will have the tools to utilize them in your relationship. If you and your spouse are interested in the benefits of couples counseling, contact me to set up an appointment. Let the therapeutic process pave the way for your strengthened marriage and benefit from the positive outcome that comes from couples counseling. Make your marriage one that lasts the test of time.

Your Relationship Expert,