1. Listen to your child. Let your child know that you are interested in their thoughts, feelings, opinions, daily activities, etc… Show your child you are listening by giving them 100% of your attention during that sharing time. Mothers of small children starting this early will get your kids used to this and hopefully this will carry you through the teen years.
  2. Be consistent with your child. Children need rules, boundaries and consistency. This structure provides a sense of security that helps build trust that strengthens your relationship.
  3. Follow through with your child. As a parent, think before you react to your child’s slip ups. Give consequences that are fitting to the disobeying act and follow through with the consequence. Children need to know that their mother will follow thorough with what she says. If you “threaten” to cancel the child’s play date if they act up one more time and then they do act up one more time, you need to cancel the play date. This will reinforce to your child that you will stand behind your words.
  4. Exhibit patience with your child. Your child will test you. Take a deep breath, count to five and try to remember how much love you feel for your child.
  5. Laugh with your child. Having fun, acting silly and finding the humor of a situation helps lessen stress. It also teaches your child the value of laughter.
  6. Set a good example and practice what you preach. Show your child that you follow rules and laws. This reinforces the importance of rules and models the behavior you want to see in your child.
  7. Teach your children. You are your child’s first teacher. Take your knowledge about life and share it with your child so you prepare them for their future.
  8. Recognize your mistakes and apologize when necessary. A perfect person does not exist neither does a perfect mother. We all make mistakes. Apologize for your mistake and tell your child that you will do your best not to repeat it.
  9. Be present in your child’s life. Being in attendance for the “events” of your child’s life like sporting activities, dance recitals, or school plays are important. As well, as spending some time daily with your child like playing a board game, going for a walk, or getting an ice cream cone. Quality time with your child will reinforce your child’s sense of perception of how much he/she means to you.
  10. Express your love to your child. Say I love you several times a day. Regardless the age of the child, saying “I love you” can only strengthen your bond. You can also show your child that love with hugs, kisses, holding their hand, singing your child a song and by always accepting who they are unconditionally. As moms, we give our children the advice of “do your best”. Well moms, take your own advice, “do your best” and that best will be enough. Look at the beautiful smile of your wonderful child. Take a deep breath and know that you are doing a great job! Happy Mother’s Day!!!

Your Relationship Expert,