After being married for a while, it’s common to start taking one another for granted.

Taking your spouse for granted can make your spouse feel unappreciated. That can lead to feelings of resentment. Resentment in a relationship is poisonous. This bitter feeling that builds up over time can cause some serious problems. How can you stop the resentment? How can you get back to being the loving, happy couple that started out on a journey of friendship and love? It’s time to change things up and put the focus on appreciating each other more.

Try following these 4 tips to help get your marriage back on track…

  • Say thank you to your spouse when they do something nice for you. Saying thank you shows the other person you appreciate what they did, whether it be something small or something big.
  • Give your spouse a genuine compliment. This tells your spouse that you notice him/her.
  • Take a walk down memory lane. Reliving happy memories helps put the focus back on the positives of a marriage.
  • Go on a date with your spouse. It is common for couples to argue because of stress. This could be work related, kids related or any other obligations. So take a few hours and escape by going on a date. During this private time, you can reconnect as a couple.

Sometimes, married couples fall into a cycle of arguing. They continually engage in arguments where they nag and nitpick about everyday issues. This cycle of arguing can be broken by showing your spouse some appreciation.

The Smallest Things Warm The Heart

When is it time to seek marital counseling? If you try these tips and still find that you and your spouse need more tips. Or if your arguments are bigger then some everyday issues, marriage counseling would be beneficial. Communication in a marriage is important so if you are at the point that the arguments are taking over, contact me. I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and I have extensive experience in helping couples overcome the challenges in their marriages. Let’s work together and see if your marriage can become the happy, loving marriage you had in the beginning.

Your Relationship Expert,